Read This Before Your Next Hot, Steamy Shower…

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

April 11, 2012

  • You’re not just getting clean in the shower every day
  • Do you have DPB’s in your H2O?
  • How to limit your exposure

In the last issue, The Most Overlooked Health Hazard in America, I discussed drinking water. But what about showering and bathing? Or swimming? Can the water that cleans you, also hurt you?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

Distilling or filtering your drinking water is the first, but not only, step in your water purifying endeavor.

In fact, the level of toxins you get in a hot bath or shower can be exponentially worse for you than what you ingest through drinking tap water. The American Journal of Public Health reports that up to two thirds of harmful chlorine exposure comes through skin exposure and inhalation while showering.

So before you jump in for a long, hot, steamy shower, be sure to read today’s issue…

Anyone who spent most of the summer in the pool as a kid can tell you how harsh chlorine is on your skin and hair – and your eyes if you swim underwater without goggles.

And while it’s true chlorine isn’t present at such high levels in your tap water, you still have a hidden problem. You see, when chlorine is added to drinking water, it encounters an array of organic and inorganic matter in the water. Various chemical reactions ensue, each with its own hard-to-pronounce name. And every single one of them is a carcinogen.

When you compare the U.S. to, say, much of Africa, there’s no denying we are better off for having chlorine in our water.

But we can’t afford to stop short of dealing with the aftermath of chlorine beyond drinking it.

In a hot shower, chlorine is released as steam, and it is more-readily absorbed through your pores and inhaled into your lungs.

This form of absorption bypasses the natural filters you might have in your digestive system, making it even worse than your exposure from drinking unfiltered tap water.

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Plus, there is an even bigger problem associated with chlorine: DBP’s or what’s known as Disinfectant By-Products.

When DBP’s are absorbed or inhaled, it can cause:

• Disruptions of your central nervous system
• Weakening of your immune system
• Damaging effects to your cardio system (heart)
• Unhealthy functioning of your renal system (kidneys)
• Harmful impact on your respiratory system (lungs)

Although local municipalities are required to monitor levels of DPB’s, the risk increases exponentially with long-term use. So even a relatively “small” amount, according to authorities, can have a negative impact over time.

Here’s what I recommend…

By the time the water gets to your shower, the job of killing harmful bacteria has been done.

Now, it’s up to you to remove the chlorine, before it does more harm than good.

There are low-cost options for both home distillers, which can be used in the kitchen for drinking water, and for carbon filters that can be used on the showerhead.

Don’t forget to change the filter regularly, as often as the manufacturer recommends. And to be diligent about cleaning the distiller as advised. This is where the best intentions often go awry. A small investment in filtering and distilling devices – and a little maintenance time – will greatly improve the health of all the water that runs into your home.


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