Bowel Problems? The African Solution

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By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 24, 2016

  • Are your bowels locked up?
  • Your toilet may be clogging up your colon
  • Why squatting is better than sitting

Do you have to push and strain to force out a bowel movement? Is your reward for all of that hard work a few small, hard pellets that hurt like heck on their way out?

It shouldn’t be this hard to move your bowels. Yet, problems like these plague a whopping 42 million of us here in the U.S.

If you’re one of them, you should know that all of that straining is bad for you. It places you at risk for a heart attack or stroke. It can even lead to brain bleeds or a tear in your aorta, the major artery that carries blood out of your heart.

Now, you probably already know that there are many reasons your bowels get locked up.

You could be eating too many constipating foods like dairy, red meat and processed foods. Certain medications, such as antacids, blood pressure drugs and opioids (oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine etc.) can put your bowels in a bind in no time at all. Stress, inactivity, lack of fiber and good bacteria and even excessive laxative use can all play a role.

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But there may be another reason that you’re having such a hard time evacuating your bowels.

Is Your Toilet Clogging Up Your Colon?

Pooping while seated on your toilet may be convenient and somewhat comfortable, but it is a relatively recent addition in our history and it isn’t natural and your body knows it.

You see, the lower part of your colon has a natural kink in it. And it has a job to do. It keeps your colon from “leaking” when you’re in an upright position. Without it, you would suffer incontinence while standing or sitting.

When you sit on the toilet bowl, that kink relaxes ever so slightly. That means you might be able to release some stool, but not all of it. The rest is left inside your colon where it dries up and hardens.

This could be what’s making you have to strain so much to get anything out. However there is a way to solve this problem.

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It’s as simple as squatting over the toilet bowl instead of sitting. Like we used to squat a few centuries ago. The squat position is the best way to fully open your bowel and relax your colon muscles for faster, easier and more complete elimination.

This might sound like a step backward in terms of modern conveniences, but in reality, the majority of the world still sits on their haunches to defecate.

For example, when you travel to an Asian country, you’re likely to find that a toilet is nothing more than a basin on the floor that has a place to plant your feet on each side and a hole in the middle. You’ll find this type of toilet in other regions of the world, as well. As an aside; I found myself in this situation at an Italian train station while on a trip some years ago and couldn’t believe that no toilet existed in the bathroom. I waited until I got on the train.

However, I’m not suggesting you run out and replace your toilet with a squat bowl.

Don’t Sit, Squat

It’s been proven, over and again that squatting straightens out your colon in a way that reduces strain and more fully empties your bowels.

That’s why I often suggest that my patients invest in a “Squatty Potty”.

They’re designed to fit right up against the base of your toilet, so they don’t take up much room. The wrap around design also allows you to place your feet in exactly the right position for you.

Plus, they’re not very expensive. You can pick one up for as little as $29 at

And by the way, I have no affiliation with the makers of Squatty Potty. My recommendation is based solely on the great results you’ll get in the bathroom when you try one.


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