This Metal Can Give Your Immune System a Powerful Boost

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

November 25, 2020

When I was a child, I remember peering down into the bottom of my grandma’s milk container.

Sloshing around with the last drops of milk, I could see a curious item… a silver coin.

Now, at the time, I didn’t give this much thought.  It’s just what my grandma did. But today, I understand the brilliance behind her strange habit.

You see, silver has some surprising health benefits!  Let me explain…

A Curious Remedy from the Pages of History

First off, you should understand that silver metal is a natural part of our diet.  It’s found in our water systems and the animals who live within.

In fact, if you’ve eaten an oyster dinner lately, you’ve probably had a healthy dose of silver. [1]

Over your lifetime, you also received silver from other natural sources.  Your mother’s breast milk gave you one of your first doses after you were born.[2]

More recently, you’ve received silver from the wheat in your morning cereal and the cow’s milk poured on top.

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This natural part of your diet is more important than you might realize…

That’s because silver is one of the longest used medical remedies on our planet.[3]  It’s like a gift from mother Earth!

Thousands of years ago, it was one of the three noble metals known by the ancients.  Wise men knew it could perform healing miracles — even though they didn’t understand why.

Throughout history, silver has been used to purify water sources and heal wounds. Jugs and barrels were even lined with the metal so that water wouldn’t go bad.

My grandma and every settler wagon train to the American west knew this secret too… that small silver coins helped keep the water and milk pure and fresh for longer.

For centuries, wartime healers would use silver to treat battle wounds.  Even today, silver is used in burn units around the world. [4]

In 1881, a French scientist named Crede (need accent mark over the first e) began to use silver nitrate drops in the eyes of newborns.  These drops would help the babies avoid gonorrheal caused blindness when they were born to mothers suffering from disease. [5]

All of this history has made one thing clear…

Silver is a potent antimicrobial agent.  It has helped societies around the world avoid infection for generations.[6]

This miracle metal has modern applications too. Researchers are looking at silver as a natural way to disinfect contaminated water in third-world countries. [7]

Then, NASA scientists used silver to maintain water purity for astronauts in outer space.[8]

Whether it’s in the pages of history, or the news of our modern time, silver is a powerful agent for health.

Discover the Immune Boosting Benefits for Yourself

The reason silver is so helpful is because of its antimicrobial properties.  Just putting a bit of this metal into water will actually help kill off bacteria.

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Your body can receive similar benefits by taking silver either orally or by using a topical cream.

When I talk about taking silver by mouth, I am referring to a specific type of colloidal silver made of nano-particles.  This form has very tiny particles which are more effective in your body.  This form is also the safest with no toxicity or risk of overdosing.

When you go to the drug or health food store, the best choice you’ll find is called Sovereign Silver.[9] Other brands do not have the science behind their product. This version has nano-particles with some of the smallest surface area and active charge of any available, and at 10 parts of bio-active silver nanoparticles dispersed per million parts of pharmaceutical grade water(10 PPM) it’s the safest and most effective silver product on the market… at the lowest concentration.

That’s good news because a smaller size means more surface area per particle to react with its surroundings.  This makes the silver more bioavailable while in your body.

I recommend silver for many reasons.  But the biggest benefit certainly has to do with immunity.  Silver can help you ward off illness and recover faster if you’re already sick.

When people have a viral or bacterial illness such as a sinus infection or  bronchitis, silver can help you get over the disease faster. Studies have even shown that it can wipe out triple negative breast cancer![11]

It’s also helpful to have the topical gel on hand in case of a burn or other skin injury.  Silver gel rubbed onto your skin helps prevent a blister and infection.

Here’s how you can add the benefits of silver to your daily routine:

  • If you are looking for general maintenance of your immune system, take 1 teaspoon – held under your tongue – once a day.
  • If you’re looking to arm yourself from infection in today’s pandemic climate, take 1 teaspoon three times a day.

When you hold the silver liquid under your tongue it goes into your lymphatic system and into your bloodstream.  Then, it metabolizes and begins to leave your body within 3 hours.

This means silver is never going to build up to dangerous levels within your system. Actually, the EPA has found you can take this specific silver up to seven times a day for a lifetime without reaching something referred to as the LOAEL, the lowest observable adverse event level. I’ve personally been using this for my family, friends and patients without incident for almost 20 years.

And, in case you’re wondering… silver does not hurt the beneficially diverse balance of bacteria in your gut microbiome.[12] A 2016 study confirmed that silver does not alter gut microbial diversity  even at very high levels.[13]

So, if you’re looking for a safe and effective and easy little addition to boost your immune system this winter, then look no farther… the right silver is your answer!


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