This Forgotten Therapy May Be the Answer

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

May 5, 2021

Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s there was a promising treatment for all sorts of illnesses. It was used to treat the worst of the worst, things like blood poisoning, pneumonia, tuberculosis, hepatitis and polio. Anything bacterial or viral.

But once we discovered antibiotics, vaccines and antivirals, we abandoned this form of treatment. It’s considered old-fashioned, even though it worked. These days, it’s often called the “cure that time forgot”, or the “forgotten cure”.

It’s interesting though, because it’s being discussed a lot more lately. That’s because it has the ability to destroy viruses and stimulate the immune system

What is Ultraviolet Blood Radiation?

I’m talking about something called ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI).

It’s a simple process.

A small portion of your blood flows through a tube that is placed close to UV bulbs. The bulbs shine through the tube and irradiates the blood as it goes back in.

And I’m telling you. It’s a massive blood cleaner. It kills Lyme disease. It kills viruses and bacteria. It improves blood oxygenation and heightens the body’s immune response.

Now the FDA, they’ll tell you it doesn’t work. But it does. And it still has a place in medicine.

Remember, we didn’t stop using UBI because it quite working or had negative side effects. We stopped when antibiotics and other “easier” treatments came out.

But today more and more bacterial strains are resistant to antibiotics. New viruses with no readily available treatments are bound to keep popping up.

So when it comes to things like chronic infections that mainstream medicine can’t treat, let alone cure, UBI could be a potential game changer. It’s especially good at dealing with lingering multi-drug resistant resistant bacterial infections (get rid of sepsis), and hidden viral infections.

And while it works well on its own, it can be supplemented with ozone therapy for even better results.

How Ozone Therapy Complements UBI

I’ve been in a medical center where they used ozone to great effect. But it’s not that you’re putting ozone in someone’s body. You just take some blood, maybe a unit, and you mix the ozone in with the blood. Then you put the blood back in.

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It doesn’t sound like much, does it?

But several years ago, Dr. Robert Rowen went to Senegal during the Ebola outbreak. He took his ozone machines and used them on some of the patients there. All of the patients recovered.

Ozone is particularly good at modulating the immune response. It can down-regulate an overactive immune system, which is related to autoimmune disorders. And it can activate the immune system in people with low immunity.

This is something UBI doesn’t do.

Ozone therapy also appears to help inactivate viruses and stop them from replicating inside the body. That’s something that’s being looked at much more closely in today’s COVID environment.

But if you’re thinking you can just go out and an ozone air purifier, DON’T DO IT!

Ozone gas has a nasty effect on your lungs when it’s inhaled. That’s because the tiny air sacs in your lungs have a very thin lining with very little antioxidant activity. So they can’t handle ozone gas. Problems can start with lung irritation, trouble breathing and worsening asthma symptoms. And in higher levels or over time, it can cause lung damage and become fatal.

When you undergo ozone therapy at a clinic, they use a special technique that is safe and does not damage plasma and red blood cells.

If you’re considering either of these types of treatment, I recommend finding a highly rated clinic in your area that offers them. Go in and talk to them. Let them explain, in detail, how they work and what you can expect. If you have long-term or lingering symptoms that have remained undiagnosed, they might be just what you need.


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