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The Ultimate Gift For Your Mind

By David Blyweiss, M.D.

December 04, 2013

  • Video games aren’t just for kids anymore
  • Boost brainpower, memory and concentration
  • The ULTIMATE gift of love

Here’s a surprising twist on gift-giving.

Instead of buying your kids and grandkids video games as gifts this year, you might want to buy one for your spouse, parents or even your grandparents. Continue reading

This Tasty Treat Boosts Brainpower

By David Blyweiss, M.D.

November 04, 2013

  • Just 2 cups a day fights mental decline
  • Power up your brain by increasing blood flow
  • Starts working in as little as 24 hours

When it comes to dementia and brain function, my recommendations usually involve getting more exercise as well as trading in fatty, sugary foods for fresh fruits and vegetables. Continue reading

How a Cold Sore Robs Your Memory

By David Blyweiss, M.D.

May 20, 2013

  • Does anyone REALLY know what causes Alzheimer’s?
  • How a cold sore could rob your memory
  • Quickest way to stop the downward spiral of dementia in its tracks

In the past few years I’ve noticed a big age shift when it comes to concerns about the prevention of Alzheimer’s. For many years the people worried about this memory-robbing disease were in their 60’s or 70’s. Continue reading

Is Your Memory Being Robbed?

By David Blyweiss, M.D.

April 10, 2013

  • This nighttime thief might be stealing your memory
  • Your heart might be at risk, too
  • 5 tricks for a perfect night’s sleep… every single night

A common complaint among my patients is an inability to get a full night’s sleep. They don’t feel tired when bedtime rolls around. And when they finally hop into the sack, some of them seem to spend an awful lot of time tossing and turning. Continue reading

Are Statin Drugs Stealing Your Memory?

By David Blyweiss, M.D.

February 01, 2012

  • 12.1 billion reasons why you may be taking a statin drug
  • Is it dementia… or a mind-robbing thief?
  • What you MUST do to save your brain right now

A few years ago there was a big hoopla over adding statin drugs to drinking water. Some people believed these drugs were so important everyone should get their share of them. And since we’re talking about drinking water here, it really did include everyone – even babies and little kids. I found this extremely alarming. Continue reading

What’s the point in keeping your body healthy—if your brain’s not up to snuff?

By David Blyweiss, M.D.

Foggy memory is one of the most common complaints I hear from patients. Men and women who used to have a memory as sharp as a razor tell me that their mental recall has turned to Swiss cheese. They’re forgetting lunch dates, details from conversations they just had, even birthdays. Continue reading

Help Your Brain Blossom

By David Blyweiss, M.D.

As we get older, many of us quietly accept as fact that our mental capabilities aren’t as sharp as they were when we were younger. We aren’t surprised to find that our reaction speed slows, that we’re not as adept at mental tasks and that our memory isn’t what it used to be. We accept it because it seems like there’s not much we can do about it. But, while modern medicine might not be able to help prevent those “senior moments,” an ancient Ayurvedic herb called bacopa can. Continue reading

Boost Your Brain Power

By Bonnie Jenkins

For years, scientists have been telling us that drinking red wine can help prevent heart disease. But now there’s evidence that a certain compound in red wine—resveratrol—can help our brains too. A new study in the latest issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that taking supplemental resveratrol quickly enhances blood flow to the brain. And better blood flow means better brain function. Continue reading

5 Ways To Sharpen Memory

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

Maybe you’ve gone into the kitchen and don’t remember why, or you can’t recall a familiar name during a conversation. You may have even missed an appointment because it slipped your mind. Memory lapses can occur at any age, but we tend to get more upset by them as we get older because we fear they’re a sign of dementia, or loss of mental acuity. The fact is, significant memory loss in older people isn’t a normal part of aging—but is due to organic disorders, brain injury or neurological illness, with Alzheimer’s being among the most feared. Continue reading