15 Minutes a Day to shave 9 years off

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

November 7, 2018

Bette Davis once said, “Old age is no place for sissies.” And I’ll tell you. I’ve met more than my share of patients who seem to share this sentiment. These are the ones who seem to think aging is a slow and tortured downward spiral.

They expect to grow old, sick and feeble as the years go by. And while it’s unfortunate, it’s a trait I see in a lot of people. And some of that is reinforced by physicians who respond to their patient’s complaints with “ you should expect that at your age”.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You actually have a great deal more control over the aging process then you might imagine. Continue reading

Is Perfect Blood Sugar Possible?

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

November 5, 2018

D.J. was in a tizzy when she came into my office. She’s a seasonal resident (snow bird) who just arrived in South Florida for the winter. And only a couple weeks ago she was diagnosed as pre-diabetic by her physician up in Wisconsin.

After talking with her, he wrote out a prescription for Metformin. (That’s the only medication recommended by the American Diabetes Association to delay the onset of diabetes.)

He also explained that if she progressed to type 2 diabetes she would be at greater risk of a cardiovascular event. So he wanted her to start taking a low-dose statin, too.

At the time she thought it all sounded extremely reasonable.

But the drugs are making her dizzy and giving her diarrhea. They also make her “feel funny” – but not in a good way.

“Could you give me something else?” she asked.

That was the wrong question. Continue reading

The TRUTH about HGH

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 31, 2018

The other day one of my patients, a 45-year old car dealer, asked me about HGH injections.

“I’m getting flabby and have almost zero energy,” he told me. “I can’t keep up with my wife, let alone my kids. But a guy at work started taking it and he says the changes are incredible.”

I hear this kind of story a lot. And there is plenty of weight behind the desire to boost levels of this youth hormone. Continue reading

Change Your Genes to Save Your Life

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 24, 2018

  • Your genes are not your destiny
  • Switch on your disease-fighting genes
  • Shut down your cancer genes with broccoli… and more!

“Should I have my DNA tested to see what diseases I’m at risk for?”

This is a question I hear more and more often these days. And I understand the appeal. It’s human nature to want to know as much about ourselves as possible. DNA testing is a great way to get some of those answers.

So if you want to try it out, I’m not going to discourage you. But I do have a couple of observations to make. Continue reading

I Need to Tell You Something about the Flu Vaccine

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 22, 2018

  • Didn’t get your flu vaccine yet? Don’t panic.
  • Easy ways to avoid the flu with getting the shot
  • To Tamiflu or not?

Some of my patients are worried. This is the final week that the CDC recommends getting the flu vaccine. And they haven’t had time to get theirs yet.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t panic. Nobody is going to stop giving flu shots just because it’s the end of October. (And you might decide you don’t even need one.) Continue reading

5 Healthy Fats for your Brain

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 19, 2018

  • Why everyone should be a “fathead”
  • What can eating more fat do for your health?
  • It’s time to put these “forbidden” foods back on your menu

When I was a kid, calling someone a “fathead” was an enormous insult. It was the equivalent of calling somebody dim-witted or stupid, but with a little added sting to it. That sort of name-calling could quickly turn into a physical altercation.

Well, that was then. Call me a fathead today and all you’ll get from me is a great big “thank you”. Continue reading

Male Menopause: Myth or Reality?

Male Menopause

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 15, 2018

  • The difference between low testosterone and male menopause
  • Is low T a lifestyle choice?
  • Grab control of the hormone that makes you manly

There’s a good reason guys are so crazy about girls when they’re in their teens and twenties. At these ages, testosterone levels are practically raging out of control. But once you hit 30, levels begin to drop by as much as 2% each year.

This makes male menopause a very real threat to aging men. (You might also hear this condition referred to as andropause or hypogonadism.)

But these days, I notice more and more guys in their 30s and 40s coming into my office with symptoms of andropause. They complain that their libido is on permanent vacation. They can’t keep the action going in the bedroom. Their energy levels are low and they’re moodier than they’ve ever been in their life.

This clearly isn’t a result of age-related testosterone loss. So what could be behind this anomaly? Continue reading

8 Easy Ways to Tame Back Pain

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 12, 2018

  • Safe, instant and effective relief for back pain
  • Give your back the exercise it needs
  • Learn how to pamper those achy bones and muscles

If you walk into the doctor’s office complaining about back pain, there’s a four out of five chance your doc will prescribe one or more medication to help ease your pain.

At minimum, you’ll likely be told some type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID) is in order. But the truth is these drugs don’t actually work very well to alleviate back pain.

Worse, all of them increase your chances of a heart attack or stroke. This is true even if you only use them for a few days. They also damage your kidneys, gut and can cause liver failure. Estimates from the literature reflect over 15,000 people die in the U.S. each year from GI bleeds while on NSAIDs.

If your pain is severe, you may also receive a prescription for an opioid or benzodiazepine. Oh blessed relief!

Not so fast. These narcotic drugs lose their effectiveness when you use them regularly. Plus, they’re extremely addictive. (Just watch the news. Almost every day there is a new headline about the raging epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths.)

None of these are great options. And not a single one of them will actually fix your aching back.

The fact is back pain generally improves on its own within just a matter of weeks. And after a month or two, it entirely resolves all by itself. This is true whether you take any sort of medication or not.

As a result, your goal should be to find safe and effective ways to relieve the pain. Ways that don’t carry the long-term risks association with pharmaceuticals. Lucky for you, I have some great suggestions that not only provide pain relief, but also strengthen your back to help prevent further problems.

Give Your Back the Exercise it Needs

It’s hard to think of exercise when your back hurts. And you definitely don’t want to engage in strenuous activities like sprinting, jumping jacks, squats or lunges. When your back is in bad shape, it needs something milder.

Tai chi and yoga can both work wonders to relieve both chronic and severe back pain. In fact, these gentle forms of exercise work just as well as physical therapy for reducing pain, improving function and lowering the use of pain medicine.

Another thing I like about these types of programs is that the brain-body connection can help train your body how to move correctly. As these natural and more graceful movements become automatic, you are less likely to experience back pain in the future.

There are also a few exercises you can do at home to ease your aching back. Some of the most effective include…

Leg stretches. Lay down flat on the floor with your legs straight. Bend your right leg at the knee and bring it in toward your chest. Use your hands to press the knee as far into your chest as possible. Hold for a count of ten and release. Repeat on left leg. Do this 3 or 4 more times.

Pelvic tilts. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Tighten your abdomen and curve it slightly upward with your back pressed to the floor. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Bridge exercises. Lie flat with your legs bent and your arms straight/flat at your sides. Exhale, tighten your abdomen and slowly lift your hips off the floor. Gently roll your spine up one vertebra at a time from butt to shoulders until you’ve raised the last (upper) vertebra. Your back should be in a straight angle from shoulders to knees. Hold for a few seconds, then release your abdomen and reverse the process until you are back to resting position. Repeat 10 times.

All these exercises go to work immediately to stretch your back and hip muscles, relieve constriction and improve flexibility. They also strengthen your core muscles, which act like a “girdle” to help prevent future strains, sprains and pulled back muscles.

Pamper those Achy Bones and Muscles

In addition to giving your back the exercise it needs, I also recommend giving it a little pampering.

Most people don’t think of chiropractic care as pampering. But when something pops back into exactly the right place while you’re on the table… when you can suddenly and miraculously stand up straight again… well, it can be pretty blissful.

I recommend looking for a full service chiropractor who also offers massage and STIM/ TENS unit treatments. These added offerings help loosen you up beforehand, which makes it much easier for the chiropractor to perform an alignment.

Regular massages (outside of the chiropractor’s office) can also be helpful.

You see, when your back is in the throes of pain, it causes your muscles to spasm and tighten. And guess what happens next? These stiff and rigid muscles place direct pressure on your vertebrae. This not only contributes to agonizing back pain, it can also delay recovery.

A professional massage can help relieve those knotted muscles so that you heal more quickly too.

Soothing your aching muscles in a hot tub with jet sprays can help too. (If you don’t have access to one, you can get similar benefits by soaking in a warm bath containing Epsom salts along with some peppermint, spearmint or eucalyptus.)

For added relief, I recommend the application of a mentholated topical cream that contains 0.75% capsaicin to painful areas.

Taking a daily curcumin supplement can help, too. This powerful anti-inflammatory is widely recognized for its ability to relieve pain and inflammation. Look for one that is standardized to 90 to 95 percent total curcuminoids. And make sure it includes bioperine, a black pepper extract that substantially increases bioavailability.


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Why I Never Use Artificial Sweeteners

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 10, 2018

  • Sugar free isn’t always your healthiest choice
  • Why you should never use artificial sweeteners
  • The best sugar substitute on earth

There are plenty of places to lay blame for today’s epidemic of obesity and diabetes. And most of them boil down to lifestyle choices.

However, there is one thing that I believe is greatly adding fuel to the problem. It’s a common decision that millions of people make every day in the name of good health.

It’s the conscious choice to opt for artificially sweetened foods and beverages.

Let me explain… Continue reading

Try this if you Sometimes “Forget to Remember”

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

October 3, 2018

  • Why do you sometimes “forget to remember” things?
  • 3 delicious foods for all day mental stamina
  • 5 more foods to maintain a razor-sharp memory for years to come

One of the most common complaints I hear among my patients is that their memory isn’t as good as it should be. They “forget to remember” things that they never would have failed to recall in the past.

In other cases, their memory is sharp until about two in the afternoon. Then brain fog kicks in. Their brain suddenly seems to “stop working”.

But what can you do when you find yourself doing things like going to the grocery store without your food list? How can you stop embarrassing yourself by getting your neighbors’ names mixed up? And is there any way to stop your math, computing and reading skills from abandoning you as the day progresses? Continue reading