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Eternal Youth is Hiding in Your Telomeres

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

  • Living healthy to 100 isn’t a pipe dream
  • Enjoy health and independence in your “old” age
  • The fat that turns back the hands of time

Most people expect to live well into their 70’s. They hope they’ll make it into their 80’s or 90’s. But I find that most of my patients and other folks I talk to want to reach – and even surpass – their 100th birthday.

While this may sound like a pipe dream to you, it’s a reality for more than 315,000 centenarians worldwide.

Now, I’m sure that some of these centenarians have their share of health problems. But oddly enough, most “super-seniors” don’t die of things like heart disease or cancer like younger elderly patients.

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The Power of 3

By Bonnie Jenkins, Advanced Natural Wellness

Have you had your fish oil today? If you want to ensure good health and delay aging, it’s a habit you should consider adopting. Fish oil supplements are a rich and convenient source of those all-important omega-3 fats. These fats are considered essential for two reasons. First, your body can’t make them so you must attain them from food or supplements. Second, inadequate amounts can kill you. In fact, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, it’s estimated that 96,000 Americans die each year due to a lack of omega-3s in their diets. But if you are getting plenty of omega-3s, you can look forward to a longer life, overall improved health, a leaner physique, a clearer head and younger-looking skin. Continue reading