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You Have My Permission to Eat This Again…

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

February 3, 2021

Every time I visit Trader Joe’s, I fill my cart with a variety of rainbow colored fruits and vegetables.  But there’s one food — a superfood — I never go without… eggs!

Are You Suffering From...

  • Love handles and a pot belly
  • Romance that isn't what it used to
  • Forgetfulness and inattention
  • Low (or no) strength and endurance
  • A sex drive that's shifted into neutral...or worse

If so...you may have Mature Male Burnout.  Click here to discover more about this unique condition and what you can do about it.

Yes.  For years, eggs were wrongly labeled as “unhealthy.”  People worried they would raise cholesterol or contribute to heart disease. But more recently, science has won out.

So, I want to set the record straight…  eggs are healthy! Continue reading