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Hard Health Lessons from a Disney Cartoon

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

December 7, 2020

I love spending time with my grandson.  He’s only 6-years-old, but we have a lot of fun hanging out.

While we’re together, I also do my best to help him learn good habits…

Are You Suffering From...

  • Love handles and a pot belly
  • Romance that isn't what it used to
  • Forgetfulness and inattention
  • Low (or no) strength and endurance
  • A sex drive that's shifted into neutral...or worse

If so...you may have Mature Male Burnout.  Click here to discover more about this unique condition and what you can do about it.

After a recent week of visiting, he knows to climb out of bed each morning and do some light stretching. He even knows to try a few push-ups to strengthen his body before he starts his day…and walking the dog every morning with mom or dad is a given. I just did the circuit with him, my daughter and their golden doodle …1.03 miles in 22 minutes.

During our time together, I learned some lessons too… Continue reading