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5 Reasons Age Makes It Harder to Sleep

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

May 31, 2021

Do you ever have those nights when you just can’t sleep? And have you noticed that the older you get, the more often those nights happen?

Are You Suffering From...

  • Love handles and a pot belly
  • Romance that isn't what it used to
  • Forgetfulness and inattention
  • Low (or no) strength and endurance
  • A sex drive that's shifted into neutral...or worse

If so...you may have Mature Male Burnout.  Click here to discover more about this unique condition and what you can do about it.

It’s annoying, right?

In some cases, it might be caused by things like stress, brain chatter or poor bedtime habits. But the reasons for poor sleep seem to start changing when we reach a certain age. Why does that happen? Continue reading