The Shocking Link Between Cancer and Cell Phones

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

March 11, 2015

  • Is your cell phone a cancer trap?
  • Tricks to limit radiation exposure from your phone
  • #1 way to rid your body of this cumulative threat

Technology is a wonderful thing. I like being able to pick up my cell phone and have the world at my fingertips.

Unfortunately, cell phones come with a price, and I’m not just talking about the cost of an Apple or Samsung. These devices emit an electromagnetic field (EMF), which has a harmful effect on your health. This type of radiation damages DNA and interferes with DNA repair mechanisms.

Now, you may know that damaged DNA is involved in the development of cancer. So guess what happens when you’re constantly holding your cell phone up to your ear?

Your chances of developing a brain tumor increase!

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Additionally, the size of the tumors is larger in cell phone users than non-users. Since radiation is cumulative, the longer and more often you use your cell, the greater your chances of developing brain cancer.

But this isn’t the only problem associated with cell phones.

Men who wear their phones in their pant pocket or on a belt clip tend to have lower bone mass density and loss of bone mineralization in their hip bones…and it will be some time before we see the results of DNA damage to their testes and sperm quality. And I’m also concerned about women who tuck their phones into their bras. This places it right against the breast and directly over your heart – two places you don’t want any DNA damage to occur.

And more and more evidence is coming to light every day.

For instance, it’s recently come out that more radiation is emitted when a phone is connecting. Additionally, a phone periodically sends out a “ping” so are connected to the tower – so it’s emitting, even when it’s not in active use.

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I know the cell phone industry has gone to great lengths to dispel the idea that these phones have any health risks associated with them. However, even the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a component of the World Health Organization, has identified radiofrequency fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Thus far, however, this caution has fallen on deaf ears.

This technology isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Rather, it’s going to become even more prevalent as people continue to discontinue land line service in favor of Smartphones with unlimited plans. This means we all need to develop smarter ways to use our cell phones.

There are a lot of things you can do to reduce radiation exposure from your cell phone. In many cases, it just requires building new habits.

    • Use your speaker or ear buds so you don’t have to hold the phone to your head. If your vehicle has Bluetooth connectivity, set it up to work with your phone. If you don’t know how to set it up, stop by your local dealership and have them help you. This not only reduces EMF hazards, it also makes for a safer drive.
    • While it’s always nice to talk in person, texting is a great way to go when you just have a quick question or small tidbit of information to share.
    • Make sure you have a good signal when you use your cell phone. If the signal isn’t good, the phone will use more power. This increases the amount of radiation it emits.
    • If you use your phone as your alarm clock, don’t keep it near your bedside. Place at the other side of the room with the volume turned all the way up. Or, invest in an alarm clock and turn your cell phone off at night.
    • Never carry your cell on your body unless it’s turned off or in airline mode. (Anytime your cell is turned on, it emits radiation. It emits even more when it’s ringing.)

There’s also one more thing you can do, and it may be the most important of all when it comes to ridding your body of the cumulative effects of radiation.

The one, single mineral that can protect and repair your body from radiation damage is iodine. Oddly enough, almost a hundred million Americans are iodine deficient.

I have a problem with the idea of supplementing with iodine, though. That’s because high doses can have a negative impact on your thyroid. However, it’s easy enough to naturally boost iodine levels by eating the right foods.

There are many foods, like cod, shrimp, lobster, strawberries and bananas that contain iodine. But there are three foods that really shine when it comes to boosting your levels of this micronutrient.

1. Just an ounce of fresh cranberries will provide about 100 mcg of iodine. They can be a little tart, but if you enjoy the sour taste these berries make a great snack.

2. My favorite source of iodine is Himalayan sea salt. Just a half gram will give you 250 mcg. of iodine. It contains a healthy dose of other micronutrients, too, so it’s much healthier for you than regular table salt. Try using it instead of table salt to season your favorite foods.

3. If you’ve been diagnosed with iodine deficiency, you might try getting more dried seaweed in your diet instead of taking a supplement. Just a quarter ounce of dried seaweed can contain up to 4,500 mcg of iodine.

Even if you’ve been using a cell phone for years, taking these precautions can help stop the damage, and perhaps even repair some of the damage that’s already taken place.


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