About Us

We strive to help our readers achieve optimal physical and mental health,
while enabling them to live an active, youthful, and disease-free life.

I’m sure you’re all well aware that the current healthcare system is not working. It seems that there is more disease and sickness in this world than ever before.

People are chronically overweight, depressed, and sick with new diseases that are popping up around the globe.

Healthcare professionals are doing their best to keep up with the sickness and disease but we believe they are going about it the wrong way!

At Advanced Natural Wellness, we believe that prevention should be the number one priority. It would be better for people around the globe to focus on preventing disease and sickness, rather than simply treating their symptoms.

At Advanced Natural Wellness, we research alternative therapies that work towards the goal of disease prevention.

We believe people can revolutionize their health naturally by following just a few simple steps.

We believe people can reverse chronic disease and avoid the need for prescription drugs by consuming healthy, nourishing foods, supplementing their diet, and exercising properly and consistently.

We promise that we’ll always provide you with new ways that you can improve your health and your life. We view our newsletters as a handbook for a stronger, healthier, and more youthful life.

To your health,

Bonnie Jenkins
Managing Editor, Advanced Natural Wellness