Miracle Spice Just as Effective as Prescription Drugs

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By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

December 22, 2017

  • Miracle spice for all that ails you
  • Just as effective as prescription drugs, without the side effects
  • Slash pain, protect your heart, boost brainpower… and more!

Most folk remedies have a modicum of truth behind them. And with today’s scientific and technological advances, more and more ancient herbs and spices are being “re-discovered” for their incredible medicinal value.

In my eyes, one of the most promising is a traditional Indian spice. Back in the day, the ancient Indian medical community used it for all sorts of ailments – eye infections, respiratory problems, wound healing, ulcers and more.

And today, we’re learning that this miracle spice can even tackle some of today’s most devastating health issues.

This Miracle Spice works as well as Prescription Drugs – Without Negative Side Effects

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When I want something spicy to eat, one of my favorite choices is Indian curry. And it’s the spice in this delicious dish that I’m so excited about.

You see, a key ingredient in curry is turmeric. This vibrant yellow spice is loaded with a powerful antioxidant called curcumin that can help you put the brakes on all sorts of health problems associated with aging. And medical science is proving it, over and over again.

Pain and inflammation. Curcumin shuts down inflammation by blocking enzymes that produce pain. In the majority of cases, people who take curcumin are able to stop taking dangerous anti-inflammatory drugs within just weeks. In fact, it’s proven to be just as effective as ibuprofen when it comes to decreasing pain and improving function – without the dangerous heart attack and stroke risk associated with NSAID pain relievers.

All forms of arthritis, including gout and other joint pain are responsive to curcumin for ongoing pain managements.

Arterial health. Curcumin leads to improvements in endothelial function.
When you exhibit endothelial dysfunction, the inner linings of blood vessels lose much of their ability to manage the traffic of critical blood flow to and from the heart. This is a critical warning sign of heart disease that could result in a heart attack.

But here is something very interesting. Curcumin’s effect on counteracting endothelial dysfunction is comparable to the cholesterol-lowering drug atorvastatin. And unlike statin drugs such as atorvastatin, curcumin won’t rob your body of heart-healthy CoQ10 or increase your risk of diabetes.

The World's Quickest Solution for Ending Prostate and Urinary Misery

This has recently been revealed to be one of the only real breakthroughs in prostate health.

The seeds of a strange fruit (sometimes called "Chinese Apples") hold powerful phytonutrients that are a revolution in prostate health.

In fact, UCLA and Veterans Administration research have now proved this to be true.

Not only that, but it may be the worlds quickest solution for ending prostate misery.

Simply stated, these phytonutrients represent a huge step beyond beta sitosterol, saw palmetto, and other phytosterols alone.

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Depression. Taking curcumin for as little as six weeks is confirmed to work as well as Prozac in reducing depressive symptoms. And I’ll be honest with you. I’d much rather prescribe a diet high in curcumin than place any one of my patients on Prozac or another antidepressant that could increase negative thoughts and suicidal ideations.

Boost Your Protection against Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Diabetes

Alzheimer’s Disease. It turns out that curcumin could have some pretty wholesome effects on the brain. It works by helping clear out the amyloid plaques that are common in Alzheimer’s disease. It also reduces oxidation, inflammation and clears out heavy metals like cadmium and lead – all of which contribute to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Cancer. Curcumin also shows great promise in the fight against cancer. Research suggests it works in three ways to slash your risk of many different forms of cancer… breast, prostate, bowel, stomach and more.

First, it can prevent precancerous cells from turning into full-blown cancer. Second, turmeric appears to actually kill cancer cells. And third, it can stop more cancer cells from growing.

Diabetes. Curcumin treatment appears to improve overall function of beta cells, which are necessary for proper insulin function. It also has a favorable effect on insulin resistance, hyperglycemia and diabetic complications. When pre-diabetic patients took a curcumin supplement for nine months, none of them progressed to a full-fledged diabetes diagnosis.

Now here’s the thing. Curcumin, by itself, isn’t readily absorbed by the body. But if you combine it with black pepper, it increases absorption dramatically.

That’s why I recommend looking for a curcumin supplement that also includes bioperine, a black pepper extract that substantially increases its bioavailability. The formula should also be standardized to 90 to 95 percent total curcuminoids.


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