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Cleansing Danger! Easy Way to Detox

By David Blyweiss, M.D., Advanced Natural Wellness

September 10, 2018

  • Lose weight and invigorate your life – no detox needed
  • Turn on your body’s natural cleansing system
  • Then super-charge it!

My patients frequently ask me about cleanses and detoxification diets they’ve read about online. They want to know if the green smoothie cleanse, bone broth detox or other rapid and healthy-sounding “cure-alls” are right for them. I’ll bet you’ve wondered about many of them, too.

Well, I’ve got some great news for you. Your body actually has its own built-in cleansing system. And it doesn’t take a week or more of kale smoothies or gallons of bone broth to activate it. It’s actually much easier than that.

This cleansing system is called autophagy, a very significant biological process when it comes healthful aging.

Autophagy is basically an internal housekeeping system. It breaks down and eats all the “junk” that accumulates in your body during the day, like misfolded proteins, damaged mitochondria and other cellular waste.

This helps protect against genome instability. And it gives autophagy a key role when it comes to preventing major health problems like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders and other inflammatory diseases.

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The problem is, this system becomes less efficient as you get older, leading to weight gain, loss of energy, premature aging and poor health.

However, there are several ways to activate autophagy to restore your health, lose weight and reinvigorate your life.

Turn on Your Body’s Built-In Cleansing System

Adopt a timed eating strategy. One of the easiest ways to kick start autophagy and maximize your health on a cellular level is by developing a “timed-eating” strategy.

The key is to designate a window of six to eight hours each day to enjoy regular meals. Then fast for the remaining 16 to 18 hours.

During the fasting period, your body will automatically enter several processes (including autophagy) that can help optimize your health, slow down the aging process and help you lose weight… and you don’t have to skip meals or reduce calorie intake to do it.

You can schedule your meals within any six to eight hour time window that suits your lifestyle. It’s a good idea to start your eating schedule with the largest meal of the day and end it with the smallest.

Not only will you protect your health. You’ll feel better, have more energy and raise your fat burning potential.

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Ramp up your workouts with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). When you exercise with intensity, it gets your heart and lungs pumping. And as you already know, this offers great support for your cardiovascular health and metabolism.

But that’s not all it does. HIIT also induces autophagy in muscle tissue… the liver, brain and pancreas… even in fatty tissue. So it’s a great way boost the cleansing and healing activities of autophagy.

Sleep for your health. Not surprisingly, autophagy is regulated by your natural circadian rhythm – the same internal body clock that regulates your metabolism. This means that if you’re living “off your clock”, you may be affecting your body’s ability to trigger autophagy.

It also means that maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern is absolutely vital to your health. Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. Shut down electronic devices an hour before bedtime. Seek light shortly after awakening so your body knows it’s daytime.

Super-Charge Your Results

I also have one more trick up my sleeve. It’s one of my favorite supplements, resveratrol. This is the antioxidant found in grapes and red wine. And it has the ability to turn on your Sirt1 gene, or “anti-aging” gene.

Sirt1 plays a big role in the regulation of autophagy. It also protects your body from disease by revving up your mitochondria.

There’s even a trick to make it more potent.

If you take resveratrol with its highly potent cousin, pterostilbene, you can amplify your results. That’s because pterostilbene is a whopping four times more bioavailable than resveratrol. Get at least 50 mg of resveratrol and 25 mg of pterostilbene each day.


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